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2013 Car Show Photos

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West Georgia Region AACA 2013 Car Show Re-cap

By Glenn Novak


Our 35th Annual Car Show this year was a big success and the weather cooperated very nicely.  Moved from the first Saturday in May to the first Saturday in June this year, we just sort of got lucky and avoided both a potential Mayfest attendance conflict and the very real rain-out of May 4th.  Held again at Mike Bell Chevrolet on U.S. 27 in Carrollton but this time on June 1st, we had 51 cars in attendance with only one pre-registered no-show.  It may be that we stick with this date in the future but it is always something to consider and re-consider.  We all want the best date for the most people and the fewest conflicts.

Our team of ten or so showed up early around 8 am to get set up before any early public arrivals, and the first cars began appearing just before 9 am.  Music was provided all day by DJ Brock Eady and our MC Bill Hearnburg handled the announcing for both door prizes and trophies.  A couple of vendors showed up, one selling boiled peanuts and another doing hot dogs and burgers.  Traffic direction, registration, and parking all seemed to run seamlessly, and the judges arrived in plenty of time as the show field continued to fill, row by row.  And the temperatures climbed.  Good thing we had plenty of free bottled water from Kroger to give away.

We had lots of interesting cars and trucks show up, and the photos tell the story.  The public milled around a good bit, looking at all the old iron and the newer muscle cars.  Some of the more unusual vehicles present this year included a 1910 Model T Ford Touring driven over by Robert Carden, a 1947 Crosley owned by Gary and Carol Moyses, and a 1963 Volkswagon Double Cab driven over by Vince Raburn for his son who is in the Navy and stationed far away.  Though in the minority, several nice trucks were present, and a couple of fine automobiles with “For Sale” signs on them were looking for new owners.

Trophies and the 50/50 raffle were all given out just before the first trace of a very light drizzle began, and it took no time at all for our antique car and truck guests to clear out and head home, many with some fine trophies provided to our club by generous local companies and merchants. 

We met many nice people and made some new friends, and perhaps we shall gain new members from a positive first association with our club.  We are again grateful to Mike Bell Chevrolet and to Zack Bell for hosting our event, and we appreciate all of our trophy and door prize sponsors this year.

Thanks again to all the club members and friends who worked hard and supported our 35th annual show and helped make it a fun event and a successful fundraiser for our charities.


  1. Frank Hummel says:

    Lots of hard work in progress here and most appreciated.


    Frank Hummel

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