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2013 Lowell Opry Show

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We had eleven cars at our Lowell Opry Car Show this year, not quite half what we had last year.  But many members of the public, and also the band, arrived early and looked around at all the vehicles, making comments and expressing approval and thanks.

100_9671 100_9672 100_9673 100_9674


The oldest vehicle present was a very nice 1929 Model A Ford Phaeton owned by a gentleman named Alan, and cars ranged from a late model tricked-out truck and a pristine Corvette to an unusual Volkswagen cargo microbus seen at our Mike Bell show earlier this year.  Geoff Fleck was there with his cute little Fiat roadster, and our own AACA Region was represented by the Duncans and their Mustang, the Hearnburgs with their Thunderbird, and the Novaks with their Wildcat.  Late arrivals included Lynn and Nick Ware of the Golden City Cruisers with their silver Chevelle SS.

100_9676 100_9677 100_9680 100_9681

100_9684 100_9686

Freddie Duncan listens to an offer on his Mustang from a lady who used to own one, but took a rain check.   Geoffrey and Bill expected table service but ended up fetching their own chow.  Debbie listens to Bill give a status update on his Ford retractable restoration.  Singer-Songwriter and band member Mark Lyle poses with Glenn after having autographed the Wildcat dashboard.

100_9692 100_9693

Those who stayed for the George Britt Band concert enjoyed the event very much and the crowd was large.  We hope to repeat this event next year around the same time so stay tuned as we approach September, and keep checking the events calendar on this website.  Thanks to all who showed up with their fine rides to make the night special.


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