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How to Join

AACA logo663px-Map_of_Georgia_highlighting_Carroll_County.svgStep 1.
  Click on the link below and join the National AACA if you are not already a member.  You must be a member of the National AACA to join any Region.  Dues are $40 per year.


1/2 Year Membership (starts June 1st)

The 1/2 year membership is for FIRST TIME NEW members only.  The 1/2 year membership covers June 1st thru December.

  • 1/2 Year dues are $20.00 (includes spouse if applicable).
  • 1/2 Year members receive three bi-monthly issues of ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE magazine: July/August, September/October and November/December.
  • 1/2 Year members enjoy all the other privileges as the annual membership.

Step 2.  Print off the West Georgia Region AACA membership application using the link below after obtaining your National AACA membership number.  Our dues are $15 per year.  Bring it to one of our meetings or events and give it to any member present, or contact the current club secretary listed on the application.

west-georgia-region-aaca-membership-application revised

(This is a MS Word document and you will click on bottom of your screen to open)

Step 3.  Start enjoying our antique car club and activities, such as car shows, tours, picnics, cruise nights, and monthly dinner meetings.  We will add you to our email list and you will get our monthly electronic newsletter, The Greasy Rag.

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